By: Chantel Ouellet


Photo Credit/UC Follies

Ohmigod you guys, have you heard? The UC Follies ran a wonderful rendition of Legally Blonde at Hart House Theatre. The show featured an exuberant and bubbly cast that perfectly captures this inspirational story, which follows UCLA Fashion Merchandising student Elle Woods as she chases her dream guy all the way to Harvard Law. Along the way she meets a wide range of characters and misfits who, like her, are unsure of what they are really looking for. Elle learns as much about herself as she does about law during her studies at Harvard, and throughout this journey, she never compromises her unique girliness.

The UC Follies brought an insane amount of energy to this production as they danced and sang their way around the halls of Harvard Law, which they brought convincingly to the Hart House stage. The cast was constantly smiling and never stopped moving, excellently delivering witty jokes to the entire laughing crowd. In particular, Paulette, Elle’s sassy sidekick and nail artist who was played by Victoria McEwan, was absolutely hilarious. She never once left character, and even when she was not the centre of attention, her antics kept the audience giggling. The way she walked, talked, and interacted with the other secondary characters was completely over the top, but in the best way possible. Her body language perfectly captured Paulette’s naive yet in-your-face demeanor. Olivia Lewis also perfectly captured the sassy yet innocent Elle Woods, and even perfected the quintessential Valley Girl accent.

The dance numbers were excellently choreographed and showcased a cast of previously trained dancers. Aside from a few minor technical issues at the beginning, the songs were presented in a way that highlighted each individual cast member’s skills. Some of the secondary characters were also brought to the forefront to hit the high notes and to lend the strength of their voices to the finale.

The show ranat the Hart House theatre until December 5, with tickets costing $15 for students and seniors and $25 for adults. This show was a pre-exam season must-watch —the determination that Elle shows on her quest to take on Harvard Law proved the perfect source of inspiration for studying!

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