The Flirty Boys


By: Sanjana Nigam

Photo from: JFL42

The Flirty Boys, who unbeknownst to many are actually four funny, grown women, are one of the 42 acts to be showcased at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival happening in Toronto from Thursday, September 22 to Saturday, October 1.

The Flirty Boys are two-time winners of the Toronto Comedy Sketch Festival’s Sketch ComAgeddon and recipients of NOW Magazine’s Audience Choice Award at the TO Sketchfest. Taking inspiration from everyday life, this sketch comedy group is nothing short of hilarious with their focus on boobs, butts, men and food. Here, The Flirty Boys reflect upon how their name and brand came to be, their creative process and what to expect from their upcoming shows.


the newspaper: Who are The Flirty Boys? How did that name come about?

The Flirty Boys: So we were originally performing as The Ladies of the Sketchersons because we weren’t yet an official group, but we splintered off from the Sketchersons as a way to do smaller festivals. The Sketchersons was a group that performed every Sunday at the Comedy Bar on a show called Sunday Night Live—that’s where we all met. Anyways, at the same time, there was… a group of … four guys who kind of splintered off on their own and named themselves the Junkyard Dukes. […] Anyways, we would describe them as just a group of sweet, flirty boys. We told them that that’s what their name should’ve been and they weren’t interested, which was good for us because it was a much better name for us, so we took it.


TN: What type of comedy do you guys perform? What are the main themes of your sketches?

TFB: Our style is sketch comedy but we do a lot of very fast-paced scenes. Shows are very high-energy and emotion driven, rather than political or topical. We have scenes with music and dancing, it is all very loose and silly and fast. We also like to talk about boobs quite a bit. Boobs and butts come up a lot. It’s like weird relationships or we also talk about food a lot. It’s not high concept, it’s quite relatable. Even though it’s silly, it’s grounded. The premises are pretty much day to day, a lot of things are inspired by something that happened to us that day that we turn into sketches. We all do bring a very distinct comedic sensibility to our sketches, which is nice because we all have very different ways of approaching comedy so I do think that is something that is an asset to us.


TN: So, when you guys write your sketches what is the creative process that goes into that? How do you agree on a sketch and conceive it?

TFB: We write individually; we don’t write as a group as much. So we will sort of go away and come back with things separately. There are times where we present our own ideas and then we build on them, and through rehearsal lines change, that’s where the collaborative aspect comes in. Because we come from the Sketchersons, which was really writing several sketches a week and putting them together on Sunday and then throwing them away forever, like a factory, we really are used to not taking too long on the creation of the sketch and then through rehearsal is how we finalize things.


TN: What can people expect from your upcoming Just for Laughs show in two weeks?

TFB: It will be really fast. It’s a real rollercoaster of a show. There are a lot of mustaches, couple of kooky wigs, we will be saying the P-word and the D-word. We perform as men quite a bit as well. We can be a bit crude at times but it is also very silly and sweet. Basically, you can expect a very fast paced, silly and energetic time.

You can catch the Flirty Boys on Sept. 29 at the Comedy Bar Main Space and Oct. 1 at the Rivoli. Tickets can be found on the JFL42 website, and be sure to check out their website at

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