By: Michaela Fuchs


Images by Chantel Ouellet

Last weekend, I attended Toronto’s Field Trip Music and Arts Festival, which was the first music event to kick off this festival season. Field Trip is my all-time favourite event because it is held in downtown Toronto; meaning I can go home after a long day of sitting in the sun to shower the grime off and sleep in my warm bed! Besides the convenience, Field Trip’s line-up rarely disappoints – I enjoyed basically every act that I saw and ate some AMAZING food. I’ve made a list of the best and worst parts about Field Trip, but no matter the worst, I will always recommend that everyone go and try this festival out!



Music: Harrison, Overcoats, Portugal. The Man, A Tribe Called Red, Thundercat, Broken Social Scene

Again, the line-up was amazing this year. My personal favourites however, were Portugal. The Man and A Tribe Called Red. Both acts blew my mind. Portugal. The Man sounds great on recordings, but in person they play a lot heavier which makes their live performance much better! As for A Tribe Called Red, I love how they take Indigenous music samples and put a modern-electronic twist on them which appeals to a larger demographic – plus they bring dancers in traditional attire who were memorizing to watch. Gord Downie (The Tragically Hip) was also present for their performance! Two artists that surprised me were Harrison and Overcoats. I have never listened to either before and they are not the genre I usually gravitate towards, however both performances were adorable and great – definitely check them out if you’re looking for new tunes.


Food: FREE SAMPLES, Rancho Relaxo, Expensive Coffee

There was great food selection at Field Trip. Besides sneaking in a few Redbulls, I spent most of my cash on tacos, burritos, and expensive coffee. Rancho Relaxo’s food truck had vegan options that were freaking DELICIOUS. The deep-fried cauliflower tacos legitimately tasted like chicken – and I’m not just saying that, I have friends who can vouch! Along with food, there was a coffee stand (which was totally overpriced) that became a life-saver on the Sunday; at this point in life, I care more about the coffee options than the alcohol. Besides paying for festival food, there was an endless supply of free samples. I think our music editor, Chantel, received close to 8 samples of beef jerky over the span of two days – that’s dedication.


Weather: Sunny-days, sunny-ways!

Saturday was the perfect temperature and quite sunny – ultimately making concert watching glorious. As for Sunday, it was supposed to be raining ALL day – but, thanks to Broken Social Scene asking the audience to collectively wish for a sunny day on Saturday night, our dreams came true. It was nice and dry all Sunday!


People: Millennials Galore 

It was strangely refreshing to see a community of young families enjoying good music. It was obvious that most people were from the Liberty Village and Parkdale areas, which gave us hope that we too could achieve the dream of a well-off Toronto life of owning a home while eating avocado toast. Seeing the next generation of children jamming out to bands like Broken Social Scene or Phoenix was amazing and cute – again giving me hope that great music taste will live on!




Okay. It’s not like this jazz band from Toronto was BAD, it was just a weird performance to have at a music festival. I personally enjoy listening to jazz music, however at Field Trip, I basically fell asleep while listening to them perform. It felt like I should’ve been sitting at a cocktail lounge or had their music playing in the background of a hang-out – definitely not a festival.


People: Children’s Style

Again, millennial children’s style is not the worst because it’s bad – it’s the exact opposite! I was in awe that most of the children at the festival had a better fashion sense than me. Half the time I was looking around, envious of their clothes, and knowing that they’re a billion times cooler than I will ever be.


People: Littering

GUYS IT’S 2017! I think that at this point, we know how to stand up and put trash in the garbage and bottles/cans in the recycling. I was shocked at how much garbage was just left on the ground everywhere – especially when there were bins within walking distance. It was disappointing to see the festival grounds treated like that (wow, I sound like my mom).

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