By: Chantel Ouellet

Studying can be so boring, but it can be made better with a great playlist. Yet everyone has heard that studying to music with lyrics is rather ineffective. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to cozy up in Hart House Library with some Mozart (although you can, and to be honest those are great vibes too).  

After frequenting many a hip coffee shop in this city and Shazaaming the shit out of their moody electronic jams, I have created a new study playlist. A not-boring study playlist, if you will. A study playlist that makes you feel edgy and cool while you’re studying. It’s honestly quite the feat. 

Check out the tracks below to get you started.

“The Best I Could Do” – Young Marco

“The Create from Culture Creation” – Fatima Yamaka

“Cover Up” – Awanto 3

“2ND 5YSTEM” – Mark Du Mosch

“Ezra” – Flume

You can also find the playlist on our Spotify, @thenewspaper.

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